My journey to becoming a wedding photographer started a long, long time ago. I was 13 when I got my first camera. It was a Canon Powershot SD630 which in non-technical terms was a very, very crappy little camera. Of course at the time, it seemed like magic and I photographed everything I possibly could: planes overhead, my backyard, my friends, my brothers and sister. After many years of immersing myself in the photography world, I went on to attend the University of Washington in Seattle and received a BFA  in Photomedia.

      Photographing weddings has become an extension of my love for the photographic medium. It has allowed me to join together my passion for discovering new places, creating beautiful images and capturing lifelong memories for other people. I feel so fortunate to be able to call this my job. It has given me a freedom that I feared I would lose in adulthood. I get to meet wonderful new people and hear beautiful love stories every single day. I am truly invested in my work, not only because I am determined to deliver a good product to my clients but because my work is a representation of my creative passions.

      So I know I preach a lot about making sure you hire someone you trust, someone who will get along with your crew, and whatnot. But I haven’t really told you too much about me yet huh? Here are 10 facts about me that will help you decide whether or not we’ll be a good fit!

      1. I was born in Poissy, France. It’s a small suburb outside of Paris. When I was 5 years old, my parents moved us to Seattle for my dad’s job and I spent the next 13 years growing up in good ole’ Redmond, WA.

      2. My favorite love story in the whole wide world is that of Anne of Green Gables. The scene where her and Gilbert see each other after he goes off to war makes me cry (ahem, sob) every single time and if you don’t know what I’m talking about…do yourself a favor and watch this clip:

      3. I went through a very unhealthy Jonas Brothers phase in Junior High and if you had asked me ten years ago who I was going to marry I would have answered Nick Jonas, 100%, hands down, no questions asked. Ahhh how things change…

      4. I love cornbread. If there is cornbread on the menu, I will be ordering it (with a side of warm honey butter).

      5. I share my life with a sweet boy named John who gave me my first kiss when I was 16 years old after an Earthcorps hike. He then asked me to be his girlfriend and since I was a very sheltered 16 year old, I agreed and then hid from him for the weeks to come. Luckily I eventually stopped hiding and we grew to be best friends and partners in life.

      6. I started taking photos when I was 13. I did a week long camp where I learned to shoot, develop and print photos and I fell in love with the magic of darkroom photography. I took classes all through school and eventually when on to get a degree in Photomedia at the University of Washington.

      7.  My #1 priority in life is to be warm. I absolutely hate the cold and will do just about anything to avoid it. When I’m in my house, you will almost always find me wearing a thick sweater (or two) and maybe a blanket too.That being said, I hate being in the sun. Lol that doesn’t make any sense does it…?

      8. I own a ridiculous amount of makeup. Almost everyone who comes out of my bathroom asks “why do you have so many lipsticks in the same color”. And it’s a fair question. And I don’t have an answer.

      9. I am incredibly un-athletic. I tried going off a rope swing in Hawaii once and didn’t even have the strength to just hang there and let’s just say it didn’t end well.

      10. I worked at a French bakery all through all of college and was allowed to take home the leftovers every shift. I used to leave with boxes of croissants, pastries, and cookies. In turn, I became a food bank of sorts and kept all 7 of my roommates (including one very hungry boy) fed for years. I think I earned some serious roomie points for that.


      I strive to document weddings from both a fine art and photojournalistic perspective. There are elements of each style that lend themselves perfectly to capturing the different parts of a wedding day. I like to see myself as a guiding force; creating a balancing act between providing direction and letting moments unfold naturally. I switch back and forth from being a fly on the wall, capturing moments from afar to being on the dance floor with you, getting in on the action. I am not afraid to tell your Uncle Bob to put his Ipad down during the ceremony and will always tell you if your hair is in your face. On your wedding day, I am your ally, going into battle with you, making sure to always have your back.



      I support all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and preferences. I fully support the LGBTQ community and strive to be an ally to all.