Weddings abroad require a lot more hours than a local wedding. They require travel and organization. They require communication skills and often, language abilities. Not just anyone can handle the challenge of a destination wedding. Lucky for you, I am a seasoned traveler with a lot of experience in foreign environments.

      I was born in France and have been lucky to grow up in a household that embraced and encouraged language, culture, and tradition. I spent every other summer with my grandparents on the coast of Bretagne and fell in love with discovering new places.Β 

      If you are planning a wedding abroad, please do not hesitate to contact me. I offer destination wedding rates that vary based on airfare and location. I am very comfortable in new environments and thrive off of new cultures. Photographing new places was my first love! My destination wedding rates are the same as my regular wedding rates with some additional costs that are necessary for travel. Through time, I have become very good at scouring the Internet for the best deals in order to minimize these costs for clients!