Figuring out what to wear for your engagement session can seem daunting cause you wanna look GOOOD. I get it. Here are some tips! <3

      1. Wear something you have worn before!!

      This is my biggest piece of advice. If you’re buying a new outfit for your engagement session, make sure you wear it out beforehand. That way you’ll know if you really feel comfortable in your outfit. If you’re anything like me; you’ll buy new clothes…wear them and realize, “oh my god this is so uncomfortable”. Don’t wait until your engagement session to realize that.

      2. Wear something with movement!

      Movement is everythinggggg. A lot of poses will have you moving around and it looks even more beautiful when your clothing has a little give to work with the movement. Whether it’s a flowy top, long skirt, or cardigan…anything with a little flow will look beautiful!

      3. Coordinate but don’t match.

      Unless you’re going for a fun theme, it’s best not to match. HOWEVER coordinating is important. You want to make sure that your outfits compliment each other, whether that’s by color or pattern, or both.

      4. Wear something you can MOVE in & consider your surroundings!

      Your engagement sessions will be filled with movement. Whether your jumping on your partners back, running around the streets or hiking in nature…you’ll want clothes that you can move in without feeling worried. Make sure to think about where you’ll be going. Is it going to be rocky? Sandy?

      5. Stay true to your style.

      Don’t feel like you have to put on a show for your engagement session! The whole goal is to be yourself and to bring out your personality in photos. If you don’t like wearing hats, don’t feel like you have to wear a hat! If you hate wearing dresses (like me), don’t force yourself to wear a dress! Sometimes Pinterest can lead us to believe that we need to be the pinnacle of fashion for our pictures to be beautiful but that just isn’t true.

      6. Wear colors that compliment your features/skin tones!

      There are some many tricks that you can play with colors to make your features stand out. If you have red undertones in your skin that you would like to downplay, avoid anything red. This will only bring out redness in your skin!

      If you have blue eyes; wear shades of blue, brown, and purple!

      If you have green eyes: wear shades of green, red and white!

      Brown eyes: you guys are lucky and can wear any color and your eyes will match!



      Here’s a collection of rad outfits from previous engagement sessions. Use these as inspiration for your own shoot! <3





      Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend WA

      Jessica’s dress matched the sunset backdrop at Rattlesnake Ledge perfectly. The hues of blue and green in her dress matched the greenery and the mountains. Bryce’s simple grey & white tee paired with jeans was an effortless, laid-back match <3



      Golden Gardens, Ballard WA


      Ethan & Amber’s outfits are a perfect example of coordinating without matching! They wore similar colors/tones but still rocked bold patterns (I mean Amber’s palm prints with striped pants…let’s goooooo!).

      See the full blog post here!


      Mohai & Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle WA

      Nicolette & Ben went for more than one outfit (this is awesome and gives your gallery a lot of variety)! Nicolette wore a long dress from Revolve for a more refined, elegant look  and then a shorter, more casual dress for the city shots! Ben matched her by first wearing a simple white button up and then a more casual short-sleeved top with jeans.

      See full blog post here!



      Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle WA


      Adin’s outfit is a perfect pop of color that compliments the greenery so well! I would always advice to use more subtle shades if you’re going for a primary color. For example, if you’re going to wear red, go for a deeper burgundy or a coral! Michaela navy blue skirt complimented Adin’s coral shirt so well! If they had both worn such a bright color, it might have been overwhelming!

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      Pioneer Square, Seattle WA

      Devyn & Lance’s outfits are the epitome of “consider your surroundings”. Their neutral tones matched the city scapes so well. If you’re not sure what colors to wear, neutrals are always a safe zone! You can’t go wrong with earth tones like dark greens, browns, blacks/greys.

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      Barnstar Events, Bellingham WA

      Ciara and Colin are a great example of staying true to your personal style. Their outfits are curated but also super effortless. Ciara is an artist and I think that vibe comes across really well in her outfit choice. They both worn denim jackets but made sure to wear different tones to avoid being too match-y. Colin paired his with a hoodie to keep the look casual and relaxed. Ciara wears hats often to it was only natural for her to wear one for her session!

      See full blog post here!



      Discovery Park, Seattle WA

      Neutrals for the win. Lauren & Justin played it safe with some natural earth tones which went so well with the beachy goodness at Discovery Park.

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