“Three words- Lenaig is phenomenal! My husband and I are on our overseas honeymoon right now, and after just a week of being married, Lenaig has ALREADY sent us a complete gallery of our wedding photos. She must be superwoman and work 24/7 because I know she also had two other weddings to shoot for this same week. That’s just how dedicated she is and fast she works to make sure her clients are satisfied. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Lenaig, so though I could go on and on about how much we loved having her as our photographer, I’ll “try” to keep this short and sweet. In the beginning, we were nervous about trusting someone who we had never met before with something as important as our wedding memories. We had only spoken to Lenaig through emails, but even then, we were comforted by how proactive she was in her communication process. Rest assured, you will never have to wonder about the process because Lenaig is extremely communicative and responds incredibly fast to any questions you may have. That being said, we loved our engagement photos. We had a vision to document our engagement photos in nature because it felt most like “us”, and when we asked her to climb a mountain with us, without any hesitation, Lenaig said yes. She goes above and beyond to accommodate her clients and she did a beautiful job. When it boiled down to the wedding day – I didn’t make special preparations for the photo process, but we trusted Lenaig, and she did an astounding job without fail. She is a true professional, and knew exactly where to be to capture our special moments. We forgot she was there at times because she made the process so seamless. Our guests loved her and thought she was very warm and charming. She handled all the family photos and group guests photos with extreme efficiency and ease. It was a relief to not have to worry about how the photos would turn out because she had it 100% taken care of. At the end of the day we love our photos! Countries away now on our honeymoon, we love being able to reminisce on the best day of our lives together through her photos. They turned out beautifully and we can’t wait to get home to frame them. Hire Lenaig today – you won’t regret it! She is the perfect blend of quality, professionalism and artistic talent.”


      Second Shot by Jessica Taylor