When looking for photographers in the Seattle area we yearned for something different. We didn’t want our photos to feel too posed or unnatural. We wanted someone that could capture the intimate, candid moments of our day. Believe it or not, this was nearly impossible to find. All of the famous photographers and the up-and-coming photographers seemed to feature the same photos, just with different people in them.

      The minute I saw Lenaig’s landscapes of Iceland I knew she was the one. She has an amazing ability to capture so many emotions and so much beauty in a single frame. I was in awe of her work, and I couldn’t wait to see how this would translate into photographing our wedding. The results were stunning.

      We invited thirty people from around the world to share in our intimate, backyard ceremony. Lenaig seemed to be everywhere at once, immortalizing each tender moment, every laugh, every hug, and every tear. People continue to tell me that when they look at our photographs they cannot help but cry! I look back at her photos often and always find something new. They are complex and raw and moving. I know that no other photographer could have taken photos as elegant as ours.

      My best advice for you on your wedding day is to relax, enjoy yourself, and hire Lenaig as your photographer. You will cherish her work forever! And if you can, book an engagement session too. Then you can get to know her and feel more comfortable in front of the lens.